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Glitzing Stars is a mature, horror-themed webcomic that focuses around Starlette Blu Luminous who lives in the mysterious BloodMoon City, a major city in the Ring County that's said to be shrouded with terror. The creator of the webcomic series is General Velvet.

It's the year 3024, BloodMoon City, along with other neighboring towns, has been issued for another citywide lockdown. Although, wanting to live a peaceful life to fulfill her promise to her late-Grandmother, Starlette Blu Luminous been feeling... on edge for nearly years since she moved here. There's been a strange increase in missing people and deaths throughout the county, these cases are even rumored to be the cause of monsters invading the cities, even Starlette's friends started wondering about it too. But those were just silly rumors resurging to scare citizens, are they not?

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This wiki was created on July 18th, 2020, and was made to for the intention of gathering canonical information about the series' lore, characters, and creators.

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Ophelia is a supporting character for Glitzing Stars, she is the wife of Ganymede and a close friend of Celeste, she's known for creating and wearing cosplays on the side.
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Hamlet's disposition when being hugged by her mom.
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